Health Care


Things to know about your

new puppy.

As a result of ongoing observations of my young puppies, I now believe that no dry food is good food.  Once you take your puppy home I recommend that you feed them only cooked, or raw ground meat, yes raw is fine and really good for them at this age. Dry food gives them soft and stinky poo.  Why is a good question, but all I know for sure is that it does, and I don’t like it!

Canned food is ok if it’s grain free. I use

This product gets a very prestigious 4.5 star rating.

No cooked bones, raw ones are excellent for teeth and gums,they are natures tooth brush!

The best treat is a natural one such as apples and Bananas. They benefit from all fruit and vegies.

Bath your puppy very sparingly.  They don’t need it.  Their coat is very special and doesn’t smell.  If you do you will end up drying the coat out or giving them a skin rash. Use a very gentle shampoo if you must.

It’s best to comb them for cleaning. Apply baby powder to the coat, or a leave in conditioner, for lubrication and comb through using the UNDERCOAT RAKE or DE-MATTING COMB by “SAFARI” or “FOUR PAWS”, (Go online to order). For puppies under six months use a regular steel pinned brush from any pet supply and brush weekly for grooming training. (See the videos on the Grooming page)

Bathing: Never use regular dog shampoo especially oatmeal, it will definitely dry out the skin of your Souldog. Bath sparingly about every 6 weeks, and that’s only to comb out the coat.

Be aware that most groomers do NOT know how to care for a genuine Australian Labradoodle coat and they have been known to give some extremely bad advice, so be careful.

Consult Adam first if in need!

Flush the ears on a regular basis, they can get very damp inside and will get infected if left too long. Ask me or check my FB page for advice on this. I use an ear powder called R7 which you’ll need to purchase online. Watch my videos on the members Only FB page to see how it’s done. Consult a vet or highly recommended groomer for this job if you’re not up to the job.  Disclaimer: I’ve had many people take their dog in for a regular ear cleaning only to find their dog in agony the next day due to an inexperienced technician being too rough and not using the powder correctly.  You will know if this is happening when they shake their head or scratch their ears a lot and groan while doing so. They can develop a hair plug inside the ear canal if left too long also, and it will become painful and stinky too. A sour smell is a good indicator for this condition.

Trim the face hair only as needed. Mainly in the line of sight between the eyes and not too much as it will take away that Aussie Doodle look you love so much.

Don't let your young puppy jump from a height, such as a bed, till at least 4 months old, or run a long distances for first 12 months.

Don't over vaccinate or medicate.  If your dog gets any kind of wound, pour Hydrogen peroxide on it, I promise you it’s ALL YOU NEED TO DO.  In most cases a vet will do nothing more.  This will save you a lot of wasted money. Antibiotics are rarely necessary for a dog, they have a very hardy immune system, much tougher than ours.

Please call me if in any doubt.  I want you to use me.  You will make me happy if you do.



If your new puppy develops the runs or loss of appetite

it will be due to the following.

The first week

Keep excitement to a minimum for the first week.  Your puppy leaves my house in perfect condition, with poo a firm as carrots.  So any sudden change in the puppy’s poo is a result of RICH TREATS from the pet store. 


Treat your puppy once every 3 months, .  They have a weaker immune system and are very prone to parasites and bacteria, just like a human baby.  I recommend Nemex for worms.  You’ll need to search it online.

You will know that your puppy has worms from the following indications.

Indications of infection

Loss of appetite


Blood in poo

Bad Breath and even coughing

Give to puppy 3 days in a row. I mix it in with some yogurt and water. Observe the puppy poo and you’ll see worm eggs that look like rice which is the eggs and lava.  This poo will be really stinky, that is a sign that things are cleaning out YAY!

There are eggs and Lava to kill as well as the adult worms and it’s a cycle...So treat every three months until 12 months old.



It is very easy for your puppy to pick this common bacteria  from almost anything.  Dog parks are a great place.  Even chewing on a mat or speaker wires...It’s amazing where this bacteria lives.

You will know very easily when they acquire this, and they will at some point, by the JELLY type substance in their poo, and it will be very, very stinky.  In a way that will wake you from a deep sleep.

They may also lose control inside your house even after being house trained.  If any of these things happen, but without a loss of appetite it will almost always be Coccidia.

A treatment of  “Sulfadimethoxine”, or a product called ALBON, which can only be purchased from a vet, will clear it up quick and easy.  The only problem is, if you go to a vet they will get you to do every test under the sun to get as much money out of you as possible...You can go online and order some of this product yourself.  Follow the directions.  It must be watered down before you give to your puppy.  I order mine from   It is only available in 1 gallon size, but is about the same cost as one trip to the vet for this issue.  At least you’ll have a lot more left over for other bouts down the road.   Otherwise go to the vet and tell them all the symptoms.

Feed your puppy a natural yogurt daily and this will help strengthen their good internal bacteria. I use Strawberry Kefir from Trader Joe’s!

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