All of these people are willing to talk to you about their experiences!

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Dear Adam,


This e-mail is long past due! !

You have bred two of the most fantastic dogs in the world. And, you have in both cases, provided an amazing backdrop of support for us through out the process of deciding on the dog, preparing for the dog, then bringing the dog into our family and beyond.

The first dog we adopted from you is a gentle giant at 95 lb. "Blue Ribbon" has been through much training in the past three years, earning recognition from Therapy dogs International and the American Kennel Club. He has passed many 'interviews' with school board members, principals, parents, teachers even insurance agents, to have been approved for working in the schools. I am proud to work with him. This guy really earns his keep and is worth his weight in gold for the good he has done, working with autistic children in the public schools and clinics.


Libby, our most recent treasure, we bought to be Blue Ribbons' dog and what a match! These two are a riot of fun together! 

Happy surprise, Blue Ribbon is essentially training Libby all of his good tricks. I whistle for Blue Ribbon, he comes, and directly behind him is his shadow Libby. Now Libby comes to the whistle independently :). The same can be said for other behaviors like 'sit', 'stay', 'lay down', 'speak'. I may not have to take Libby to puppy classes at all!


 As it turned out, getting Libby was not only a wonderful idea for Blue Ribbon, but everyone in the family has been energised and renewed by having Libby come into our home. She is a sunbeam of light, always ready to play ball, kiss or cuddle. It is as though the family is complete now with Libby.


I have always had a dog. I love dogs, but I would never have had two dogs had I not discovered this breed.

I would never have thought to take a dog to work or take a dog on vacation or keep them so intimately in the home, were it not for this particular breed. The difference in their temperament, intelligence and cleanliness (I hate dog fur on everything) changes everything. Other people notice that my dogs are different too. People actually ask me to remember to bring Blue Ribbon when we are invited to parties! (Libby is too little for parties yet).


I could go on, and frequently do, when people ask me, "What kind of dog is that!" whenever we're in public, but this e-mail has already gotten very long.


God bless you and your family.

God bless the new puppies and their new families whoever they may be.

Thank you for everything you do.

You are terrific!


Love from our pack to yours,

Wendy, Mark, Gabriel

Blue Ribbon and Libby


Wendy Koen-Burnett

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hi Adam,

Just wanted to let you know how great Kona is doing!!!

She is already a part of our family and it's only been a little over a week!!!

Training is going very well, we stick to a routine for everything and that really helps.

We take her on a leash to the same spot in the yard for going potty.

She is also on a leash in the yard ( a long 30 foot one) for playing and teaching "come"

We feed her morning and evening at the same time.

When when we go out, we crate her, with a treat and leave the radio on.

At night, we try and keep her awake until 9:00 or so (which is hard) and take her out 1 last time. She sleeps in the crate which is in the kitchen downstairs, and doesn't wake up until around 7:00!!!  She has slept thru the night since the 2nd day we brought her home!!

She is so sweet and affectionate, loves to be cuddled and lays on our laps all of the time.

We keep a lot of toys to chew on all around the kitchen (where she is "blocked in"for now when she is not in the crate). She loves her toys and plays with them and us all of the time. She fetches and brings back a ball better than any golden retriever we have had.

Needless to say we love her so much.!! She is very smart and picks up her training great. She wants to please and loves being around people. She lays on our feet while we eat and doesn't even beg for food!!!!

We will be in touch soon and I will send you recent photos!!!

Take care,

Jody, Doug, Morgan, Ryan and Kona!!

Hi Adam,

I wanted to give you an update on Fiji.  As you said, after one week she would be a different dog.  Her diarrhea is gone -- poops good.  She's still on the chicken and rice diet, but I'm going to start introducing the dry food back in to her diet.

She is such a happy little girl.  She's used to us now and follows us around like our little shadow.  The cats are getting more used to her.  I'm sure they're going to be great friends in a little while.  She loves playing with her toys -- the stuffed-animal type.  She already fetches, sits, comes.  We're working on the "stay."  I tried the leash a little, and as long as I distract her, she's good with it.

The first day it was pouring rain, she rain all over in the backyard and got sopping wet.  I tried to get some pictures for you, but I didn't realize my camera was on the wrong setting, and they were all blurry.  The housebreaking is really coming along.  I just take her out, like you said, after eating, sleeping, or lots of playing, and she just goes.  She's had very few accidents inside.  It's such a different experience so far from my prior two fox terriers.  Fiji is so smart and learns so quickly.  My fox terriers were very stubborn, and when I tried to teach them something, they would bark at me and just sit there with a wicked smile on their faces!

As for barking, I told you about the dogs next door who bark all the time.  Well, Fiji tried barking at them at first, but I told her "no," and now she just ignores them.  I'm very happy about that.

We've decided against crate training.  We are letting her have the run of our bedroom, bathroom, hallway, and kitchen.  She can't do any damage to those places.  She has all the cats to keep her company.  We let her into the living room with us if we're in there.  We had a fire in the fireplace over the weekend, and she loved it.

Sorry about this long email, but I really wanted to let you know how much we love her.  Thank you so much for raising such a sweetheart.  It really shows in her personality how well she was cared for by you!



Hi Adam,

We haven't sent you any pictures in a while.  Fiji is 10 months old today!  We just love her so much.  She loves people and dogs.  Everywhere we go, people stop us and ask about her and say how beautiful and sweet she is.  We have playdates all the time for her.  There is another Australian Labradoodle in our neighborhood who is the same exact age as Fiji, a chocolate girl named Coco.  The two are best pals and love to run and run and chase each other and chew on each other's faces.  They're both slobbery messes when they're done, but they have the best time together.

We think about you and check your website from time to time to see what new puppies you have.  Your new litter looks great - such cuties!

Anyway, I just wanted to send you these pictures so you could see Fiji.  She's really tall.  I didn't measure her, but she weighs 46 lbs., and she has the longest back legs!  By the way, our daughter Rosey, all four cats AND Fiji all sleep in bed with John and me.  It's really crowded but heavenly.  Oh, and I don't know if I told you before, we don't have a dog door, so we taught Fiji to ring some windchimes we attached to the wall next to our back door to let us know she has to go outside.  It only took her about 10 minutes to learn how to do it.  Smart cookie, huh?

Hope you all are well!



The drive was a doddle.  Brumby played with Charlie for about 45 minutes in the car and slept for most of the way.  Upon arriving we set up his place in the kitchen with baby gate.  He ate a bunch, and pee'd and pooped on the pad first time.  He has met the cat, and he is being politely tolerated by Squeak.  Brumby has already grasped “SIT”...

Needless to say we are gob smacked!!!!

Nelson and Charlotte




Kingfisher has been renamed "Bedford".   He is doing FANTASTIC.  He has had only one "potty #2" in the house...but on the tile.   He has yet to wet in the house.   So no carpet messes.   We will take it!!


He is eating great (even minced hamburger & cheese) and only getting up once in the night to use the restroom.


We weren't able to get him until nearly 9am on Saturday b/c of Delta's miscommunication.  He was quite timid but quickly ate oatmeal and warmed up to us during the first 24 hours.  I was concerned about him riding 3 hrs home after his flight but he laid on a pillow on my lap and just rested. 


This dog has remarkable conformation!  He looks like a Rutland dog in every way.  He trots and pounces.   But he is an "Adam Ford Dog" and we are thrilled with that.


Your book is terrifically extensive...thank you.


I forgot to tell you the most amazing thing...


I probably told you my major concern...my sister-in-law and nephew are

SEVERLY allergic to dogs.   Throat swelling & itchy hives.

They didn't react at all to Bedford yesterday.   My sister-in-law said that he

is the first dog EVER that she hasn't reacted to.


Huge "whew".    -  Robin

Hi Adam,

I hope you remember me.  I adopted a dog from you that was born on November 11, 2008.  You named my dog SNOWFLAKE, but I renamed her LOLA.  The reason I am writing to you is just to tell you what an absolute PLEASURE she has been and also to express to you how much she JOY she has brought to our family.  You were right in saying that she will make you laugh daily!!  I can't thank you enough for giving us the BEST dog I have ever had.  I can't imagine what it would be like not to have her here everyday.  She is VERY special to us and LOVES everyone that she meets.  In addition to all of that she is BEAUTIFUL!  Almost 45 pounds now and everywhere I take her people can not get over what a good girl she is!

I've attached some pics so you can see for yourself how AMAZING she is! :-)




Thank you so much for being so gracious with your time today.  I can imagine how difficult it must be to have strangers coming in and out of your house and wanting to see every puppy.  You managed to make my entire family feel comfortable and not at all pressured.

We are glad that we found you.  We have decided that we want the little cream one that peed on Sammie.   We felt like he claimed his territory and picked our Sammie.  Katherine, Jackson and Max loved him, too.  We did love Muggles and even though we did not choose him, we have decided to name our new baby "Muggles".

Unfortunately, I suck as a photographer and my pictures are more like really bad snapshots.  I have however attached a really cute one at the gate and here is a link to my MobileMe gallery - http://gallery.me.com/peter.yollin#100993

Thank you again, you made this a wonderful experience.

Peter & Mary

P. S.  Here is a message from Katherine:

as you know, we are going to name our cute, fluffy,lovable,and amazingly furry new baby muggles in honor of yours, I don't know how to describe him but he is very sweet and we will love him and take very good care of him.

love muggles' great new owner,Katherine xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox forever muggles ' new owner.

Dear Adam,

I cannot thank you enough for the joy and happiness LuLu has brought to us.  She is simply the best birthday present I have ever had!   From the first moment we brought her home and had her housebroken in practically minutes, until today, she continually surprises us with her amazing ability to quickly learn new things as well as her eagerness to have a good time and her great sense of humor keeps us laughing for hours on end. 

It’s clear that LuLu is extremely intelligent as well as devoted to us, and there isn’t a dog around, big or small, or a person, that LuLu doesn’t love to play with.  But what’s really incredible about her, is innate ability to sense the different needs of different people at different times.  She knows how to play hard and have a good time with the guys (Terry!); she sits still when small children want to pet her (ok, she kisses them when they do!); she cuddles up to me when I’m quiet, and gives me a hug if I’m sad (yes, hug…. she gets up on two legs and puts one paw around each of my shoulders and kisses me!)   Her loyalty is unwavering…LuLu sits by my side all day as I work at home waiting for me to take a break so that we can play her favorite ball game of the moment or go for a walk.  (She is obsessed with ball playing and is into soccer, basketball and football at the moment.)

Finally, we like to take LuLu out with us as much as possible and everywhere we go, we are stopped by people amazed at her beauty, brains and temperament.  Now that LuLu is two years old, we are starting to encounter more and more Labradoodles out there these days, but in all sincerity, very, very few stand out as much as the pups of Mt. San Blas.  You really breed amazing puppies and it shows!  Thank you for that!


Sylvie and Terry

Thank you for the puppy documents I have just received in the mail. I really appreciate the information that will help me to raise very healthy and happy pups. Both Remy (Wallaroo) and Ekko (Dingo) are doing extremely well. My mom has agreed to watch them Sundays - Thursdays, so that I won't have to leave them alone for extended periods of time when I am away at work. I check on them Tuesday evenings so that I won't be away from them for too long. They seem to be very happy and energetic. My mom washes them daily with water because she says they often get dirty in the night from their poo. I told her that it's not the best thing for their shiny coats. She believes that water won't hurt them and she put olive oil on their coats. They often restle with each other, then cuddle in the next moment. They eat very hardy. I have been feeding them Organix dry puppy food, with chicken, brown rice, and flaxseed. They will nibble on celery, but have not yet developed a taste for bananas. Their favorite training treats are PureBites freeze dried beef liver treats. I had to cut down on them because their stool became a bit loose. I only give them little pieces, with every other command they perform. I will also consider the BARF diet. So far, they have been using the potty pads, sitting on command, and staying on command. They come to me on occassion, but I have plenty of time to work on that command. I plan to teach one or two other commands this weekend. Ekko always leads, and Remy seems to follow. One would think that Ekko was the smart one, but Remy, the quiet one always seems to find his way out of barriers that I set for them. They are both extremely smart, with different personalities. Ekko is so outgoing, and Remy loves his mommy (me).  


These puppies bring so much joy into my life. With no children, I consider them my babies. They offer so much love and they feel a void that I had in my life. Thanks again for absolutely everything. Wishing you many blessings. :-)

Fiji with dad and grandma