Here are our breeding parents.  They have all produced the most amazing puppies that are now living all over the USA.  Click on a photo to see the vital statistics on each one.

The Moms

& Dads


Redd Rupert



Princess Asia


Mt. San Blas’

Asia’s “Sequoia”

Medium 43 lbs  22”


Mt. San Blas’

Asia’s -Foxy Magic

Full Standard

65 lbs  25”

Mellow temperament

Mt San Blas’

Asia’s “Gucci”

Large medium

55 lbs  Chocolate 22.5”

The Studs

Rivermist’s  “T”

at Mt San Blas,

aka “Tangalooma”

Small medium

25 lbs 18”    “Stud”

PRA Carry


Jolly Swagman

aka “Jumbuck”

Medium 43 lbs 19”


Mt San Blas’

Gucci’s -Majestic Blonde Lennon

aka ...“Lenny”

PRA Clear

Mt San Blas’ Foxy’s

The work of art -Rembrandt

Jet black - 40 lbs 22”

PRA Carry

Rivermist’s “Casey”

17 “ and 23 lbs

Chocolate Parti

PRA clear