Health Tips



  1. 1)A banana or a frozen apple in the summer.

  2. 2)GO NATURAL.

  3. 3)It’s “worms”. Treat with “Nemex 2” or Pancur

  4. 4)It’s worms again...YES!

  5. 5)It’s WORMS

  6. 6)Life’s Abundance ear flush is what I use.  It works very well.

  7. 7)The ears need to have the hair removed and also flushed with the ear cleaner as mentioned above.

  8. 8)A crate is great for night time but not long daytime periods alone.

  1. 9)That is their way of connecting with you. They don’t have hands and therefore use their mouth.  If it’s excessive squeeze the scruff or their neck and shake a little.  This is what the mother dog does when displaying disapproval.

  2. 10) Use the sound “Uhh Uhh” or “OUT” to interrupt negative behavior, but make it vert sharp and clipped.  Use the dogs name in a loud and deep tone.

  1. 11)Keep the standard 4 ft leash very short and don’t let the dog get out in front of you.  You must lead them and not the other way around. Never use a retractable cord. They are counterproductive and dangerous. Keep the dog right beside you at all times for best training.

  2. 12) Yes it’s good for them to clean their teeth and gums. Get them a real bone.  They love them the best!

  3. 13) Click Link

  4. 14)

  5. 15) NO NO NO NO NO NO.... Use the thinning/de-matting comb by SAFARI that I recommend, from an early age and pull out the dead under coat from 6 months onwards.

  1. 16) YES YES YES   This would be the basic ROUNDED STEEL PIN brush that is often double sided with a soft brush.  Use this when under 6 months, and often,  They must get used to this feeling of being combed so that they will co-operate when it comes time to using the real thing.

  2. 17)YES YES YES   This comb can be seen on the Grooming Page.  If it ain’t a “Safari” brand it ain’t gunna work. If your puppy kicks up a fuss, just do small amounts until they gets used to it...BUT IT MUST BE DONE!  So put on your big boy, or girl pants, and get it done...

  1. 18)YES YES YES  This is easy and safe.  Simply run the bottom blade gently along the skin and into the offending Matt.  Once you hit the thick part just cut into it and split it.  It’s safe since you just checked carefully that there is no skin in the way.  Areas to pay attention to are: Base of tail, front of legs, right along the side of the entire body, under the ears.  Again...refer to the videos on the grooming pages.   

  1. 19)YES YES YES   Please only scissor cut the coat.  It’s easy to do, just the same way a barber cuts hair.  Grab a clump with your fingers and trim it down to about 2-2 1/2 inches.  It will still look good once you comb it out and your Doodle wont look like an alien!  Just trim a line down the backbone and and use that as a starting place, then work your way at an easy pace out from there.  Your client wont even be bothered by this process.  Once the coat is trimmed down it will be soft and easy to comb out again.  Baby Powder is a great lubricant when combing the coat, and it will also act as a degreaser and help break up the matts.

  1. 20) Definitely not!  They will lather and lather your Doodle’s specialized coat like there is no tomorrow. Will they think they are doing the right thing? Yes.  Is it just like buffing a Rolls Royce with sand paper? Yes!  So please know that this breed has a very special coat that is delicately balanced and harsh washing will certainly dry the coat and cause the skin to itch...The answer is...VERY LITTLE WASHING IS REQUIRED !!!  I know that right now all you people with OCD are freaking out.  I use Baby shampoo when I do bath them.  I

     only bath them when they re

     puppies and really are dirty.  And

     when I say dirty I don’t mean

     DIRT, I mean Poo and Wee type

    dirty.   So since adult dogs don’t 

    get covered in Poo and Wee, it

    stands to reason that the grown

    ups don’t need very much

    bathing...Only combing and baby

    powder.  It’s a science, but a

    simple one!


  1. 1)What is the best food for a treat?

  2. 2)What puppy treats from a store do you recommend?

  3. 3)My adult dog

   has bad breath?

  1. 4)My puppy/dog has no appetite or is throwing up?

  2. 5)My puppy has runny poo with “Jelly” in it and it’s real stinky.

  3. 6)My dogs ears smell sour.

  4. 7)My dog shakes their head a lot.

  5. 8)Should I use a crate?

  6. 9)My puppy is nipping at our ankles. How do I stop it?

  7. 10) What is the best way to sound authoritative?

  1. 11) What kind of leash should I use.

  2. 12) Should a puppy chew?

  3. 13) First Aid

  4. 14) Should my young puppy eat dry food?

  5. 15) Hair cuts:

Should I let my puppy matt up and then go to a groomer who knows nothing about Aust Labradoodles only to have the puppy SHAVED down to the skin???

16) Should I Brush my new puppy often with a gentle steel pinned brush right from the beginning in order to get the puppy accustomed to being brushed?

17) Should use the De-matting comb to pull out the PUPPY COAT as the ADULT COAT grows in at about 9 months of age?

18) If there are matts should I slice through them length ways with a good pair of scissors and then comb them out with the De-Matting comb?

19) Should I use scissors to carefully slice thru matts?

20) Should I let a Groomer BATH my Dog in the same way they bathe all other dogs?

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