Introduction to the creation


The female is fertile for about a week from the twelfth day of her heat .  The eggs can come down the tubes at different times, this is why dogs mate over so many days, to make sure they all get cooked.  The male sperm can stay viable for as long as ten days or so once in place, so even if the eggs come down a few days later, his sperm can still easily get the job done in his absence.

The gestation time is from 57-63 days from the day of fertilization.  In the event of  extra large litters, we have found that some puppies can be as much as 2/3 heavier than the smallest, and in smaller litter litters the sizes are more equal.  From my observations it seems that the more eggs there are to be cooked, the longer it takes for all of them to fall into place, i.e.  the first egg may come down the pipes on a Monday, and the last may come down on a Thursday, hence the first puppy has a few days extra to grow.  This is why we need to hand feed and raise the smallest, otherwise they just wont make it to the nipples being so small in comparison.  Fortunately it’s not too hard to do and once we work out who is who, it works out well!

A female only comes into heat every 6 - 7 months, so it’s important to have everything arranged when it does happen, especially if you’re doing artificial insemination.  Many a breeder has missed a breeding from time to time, and it can be very disappointing when it happens, so it’s important for the breeder to stay on top of all the signs that the dogs display.  With experience and instincts it does get easier to do, thankfully.

Did You Know...

That all dogs are designer breeds!  Every breed came down from the Wolf. In fact, over 80% of all breeds came into being in the the last 150 years, and they were all created by humans.

Hunting & retrieving was the main reason at first, but due to the industrial revolution in the 1850's, the more unique types with no practical purpose became a status symbol.

Dogs have the most diverse appearance for a single species in the entire animal kingdom. This is due to an unusually active mutation in the genes, and this is why dogs can vary in size & appearance in just a couple of generations!



The Facts of Life

My Amazing Story...

Re: Birth of Sequoias’s litter of November 19-20 2012

I've never been thru such a LOOOOOONG drawn out delivery before...and I've been thru a lot of them. It was not typical in any way shape or form. By the time I went to sleep, even tho I didn't want to, at 4 am, she had delivered I think 7 pups, however I could palpate more inside her. Although it's easy to be tricked into thinking a hard chunk of uterus is a puppy.

These days I do know the difference. Anyway I woke up often like a mother would with a sick baby, at the slightest sound. The puppies who were already born were very noisy, so it wasn't easy to discern a noise that didn't fit...But i do anyway. At sunrise I felt her belly and there was definitely a large hard mass way forward in there, too far forward to be normal. I didn't like the feel of it, and the fact that I was unable to stay awake and help concerned me a little, but I know that Sequoia is an amazing mom and she would wake me if she needed me. I gave her belly a very firm massage before I went back to sleep in the hopes of moving things along... So at 930 when I got up, I looked at them all and it seemed like there had been one more delivery in the darkness..That was great, but i had dreamed of having a couple more...We went to a lot of trouble and drove many miles to make this litter happen. So there I am cleaning up, washing alll the towels and such. I decide to separate all the puppies by putting them into a cardboard box, it's actually the warmest container to use. I then replace all the old towels with clean ones and put the puppies back with mom. So I'm counting them out as I place them at the nipples...2,4,6,8...and then...what's this?...More??? Wow..9,10,11...This is amazing! So while i was filming a Socialcam video to document them all, I picked one chocolate boy up and turned him over only to discover something amazing........Click this link for video