The Purchase Process




I strongly recommend you read this and the

Application Form before you commit

I am fair but not a doormat to be manipulated during or at the end of the process.

I highly recommend you find someone else to buy a puppy from if you are not willing to follow through on your promise to myself and your puppy which is all very clear in the application form.

Any changes to the agreement between us will result in your puppy being taken off the market with loss of deposits, or monetary penalties applied for my “extreme inconvenience”, and hardship to the puppy.

Thank you for taking the time to learn the adoption process.  This is where it is that I, as the “Puppy Creator”, can teach you what it is that I will be doing for you as one of my valued puppy parents.  For some people this is a very easy experience, mainly because they’ve already had a dog in the past or they come to me and meet the exact puppy they want right from the beginning.   For others it can be as emotional as having a baby, and that can be for a million different reasons.  I don’t want an up front deposit to hold a puppy, only a completed form as a place holder, I always tell people that there is always the right puppy for the right people at the right time.  I’ve learned this by carefully observing the flow of events with many, many individuals, couples and families.

I can assure you of this one very important thing.  I am in no need to force sell a puppy ever, in fact I gladly keep puppies for an extended period of time if it appears to be best for a puppy’s wellbeing.  I will also suggest to a family or individual, that they really should wait for the next litter to allow their own life to catch up to what they are about to undertake, and allow the process to flow easily and without fear or pressure.

The deposit or reservation fee is only required once you commit to taking a puppy from the litter at hand. Once you pay it you have lost it if you back out permanently or if you change your mind for any reason at all during the waiting period after your puppy has been born but want to wait for a later litter it will cost you an additional $200 as a trouble maker fee, payable up front before you begin the process again. I am the only one who doesn’t ask for money before your puppy is born and that you are completely at ease about the process and where you are within it, so please understand how fortunate you are to have me as your puppy creator, and remember that there are many breeders out there who wont even pickup your phone call let alone entertain a reservation without money down. 

A lot of effort goes into planning creating and caring for a litter of these little beauties.  This is why I need to know who’s in and who isn’t when timing is important for everyone.  It’s tough on me, and not at all fair on other buyers if a person places a deposit and waits until the eleventh hour only to back out for reasons unknown.  It’s perfectly ok if that person does, but they must realize that a lot of other families may be negatively affected, as well as me, as a result of this action, and therefore a refund is not offered.  There needs to be an incentive to be honest and responsible for all the people concerned.

Throughout the entire process I will be adding video updates of the litters on my “Educational” Face Book page, (name of page given once you become a client), for those who are waiting on their puppy.

This website has a lot of basis hints and tips about the things you’ll encounter as a puppy parent, but the really good info is reserved for my paying customers who deserve the fruits of my years of observation and learning.  I know that you may not right away have all my skills, but you at least have access to all the knowledge that I possess as far as health, grooming and caring for your puppy into adulthood.  

Your puppy will be guaranteed against genetic defects for the first two

years.  All parents and grandparents etc have been health tested prior to becoming breeding dogs to safeguard the offspring.

I also send out starter information in the form of easy to follow videos that give you step by step instructions on what to do to “prepare”, for your upcoming puppy, and what to do to keep your very special friend in Tip Top condition over the first 12 months of their life with you!  They will tell you what to do from day one all the way through to adulthood.  Topics covered are diet, grooming, health care and behavior.  I will text you these videos so you’ll never looses them.

When you pick your puppy up I will provide you with a record keeping system that begins with the very first treatments they get from me, which would be deworming, and puppy vaccines.  Keep this record for all your future veterinary visits but be sure to contact me with all your concerns before you do since no vet knows these dogs better than me.  Please note that your puppy will have shots given at 8 weeks - 12 weeks and 16 weeks.  If you take yours at 8 weeks, your puppy still needs 2 more rounds from your vet.  I will administer them also at cost but the drive to my house may not be worth the effort.  It’s up to you :-)


When picking your puppy up to take home please either pay in advance with, Venmo, Zelle or Paypal, or on the day with CASH ONLY. When paying for a puppy that you’ve already chosen at an early age, I require everyone to consolidate their commitment at the midway point which is 4 to 5 weeks of age, so that all the other people in line know what’s going on, THIS REQUIRES A HARD COMMITMENT OF $1000 by that point. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that due to trust issues I would recommend finding another person to do business with!!!  If you’re choosing a pup who is already past 8 weeks of age, which almost never happens by the way,  CASH, VENMO, ZELLE or PAYPAL is then absolutely required to take your puppy home. Remember that all payments are required no later than 7 weeks of puppy age so that you don’t have the stress of PAYMENT MALFUNCTIONS at PICKUP. This does happen and it’s very uncomfortable and more importantly, stressful on the puppy.  All of this is to ensure that everybody is actually going through with their purchase and to weed out people who may have cold feet and would upset the process for all concerned.  If you do have cold feet that’s fine, but the other people on the waiting list need to know, as do I, so I can manage everything.  Am I bossy?  You bet I am, it’s for the betterment of everyone involved.  Some people don’t like my rules of operation and I understand that.  If you don’t like this process I would be fine if you went to another breeder.  I will understand.


Once a puppy is paid for the sale is considered to be final, even if I am asked by the buyer to hold onto their puppy for the convenience of the buyer.   There are no “automatic” refunds given under any circumstances if the buyer changes their mind or simply wants to return the puppy for any reason. It is to be understood that the buyer has had ample time to assess their own life and financial circumstances, and is able to make this purchase with a clear mind.

If a personality conflict arises throughout the process prior to the payment and pickup of the puppy, between me the breeder and the prospective client, I the breeder can and shall dissolve our relationship in the service of civility for both parties and the puppy.

If it is possible for me, the breeder, to re-home the puppy without too much trouble, there can be in some cases, room to figure out a partial refund once the same puppy has been paid for in full by his or her new owner.  I will take into consideration my own extra time, money, boarding and all around hassle factor for this process.  This will be considered on a case by case basis however, so please proceed wisely.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND...that you never take your puppy to a vet unless....

you have contacted me first or researched all the info on my HEALTH TIPS PAGE or the EDUCATIONAL FB PAGE. My advice will save you the price of your puppy over the first few years, so I suggest you take it!   Other than a very rare situation, you will have little or no need to visit a vet.  Further to that, be very careful about what you hear from a vet clinic.  Almost no vet clinics have anyone qualified to speak to you about your puppy at first contact.  Don’t rely a receptionist or even a technician to help your puppy in an emergency or even a simple thing like worms...You will join a long list of regretful people.  Ninety nine percent of all the things that will concern you are covered in the videos I send you and on this site in the Health tips section.  Don’t waste your money and stress your puppy unnecessarily !

Finally, I am here for you constantly.  You can email, text, call or even drop by and see me if you feel you need help.  I only want the best for you and our Aussie Furry Mate.

Thank you,

Adam Ford


Picture below are the medications given to

all pups and and will be current at the time

you take yours home.