Now that you’ve looked around and you like what you see you wondering what’s my next step.  Well here they are.

  1. 1)Make sure that your other half knows what is going on, it’s not a great idea to contact me only to have your wife or hubby come see me and the dogs and not want to do it.

  2. 2)I will give 20 minutes of my time for an initial visit to anyone who is quote, “just looking and doing some research”, the internet is the best place to do that.  My view is this.  If you can’t decide that this is the right breed, and I am the right breeder, after looking through my very extensive website and or facebook page, then you really aren’t ready to see me and my dogs.  A lot of people come to me and spend an hour or much more picking my brain, only to go away saying they need to do more research...Not a fun time for me. I’m a busy fella too... So please factor that into your time with me.

  3. 3)Can you afford it???  These dogs are worth every penny and then some, but if you want the Rolls Royce of dogs you should expect to pay for such quality. The price includes everything you’ll ever need...a bargain indeed, and I never ever wheel and deal.  The quality of care and integrity of breeding that goes into my puppies and the adults is of the highest order.  So you should arrive ready, willing and able to pay for such a superior animal.

  4. 4)Come out and visit my dogs if you so desire.  If you can’t, I can assure you that all my photos and videos show them exactly how they truly are.  If you want to speak to an existing puppy owner I can give you contact info or you can join my facebook page and then ask the people on there directly.  All my puppy parents are so proud they will talk your ear off about them. I can also Skype you and show the puppies in real time.  My Skype name is Adams Australian Labradoodles.

  5. 5)Once you’ve decided you want a puppy you fill out a reservation form from the ADOPTION page, and place a holding deposit.  The reservation form must be done even if you are picking up the very last puppy who is ready to walk out the door. There is a full explanation page also.

  6. 6)If your puppy is ready to go your process will be quick.  If you are waiting on a future litter or waiting for a newborn puppy to grow up, then you get to have the fun of watching them develop.

  7. 7)There is no need to worry and have a million questions.  All the answers to every question ever asked are on my website and are so easy to find. I will also send out to you several emails that will give you specific information about the first 12 months of life with your puppy.  They cover everything from food to grooming, to the common mistakes that almost everyone makes. I send it out in email form so you can find it again and again at any time in the future whenever you need it.  It’s like having me right there in your pocket whenever you have a mini panic attack over something that can be very easily fixed. 

  8. 8)Payment Information:  I require full payment either when you choose your puppy at any age,  or no later than the 5 week point.  I need this this to happen so that anybody who may be thinking of backing out will need to do so before it gets too late for me to place that puppy with someone waiting in the wings...and there always is.  

  9. 9)  So now call or email me if you’re ready to roll.

Ok... so you’ve looked around the internet and looked around my site...So what comes next?

Step by step instructions are here...